Experts on Pest Control in Miami County Explain Infestation Hot Spots–We can’t wait to throw open the windows in the coming spring and put away the bulky winter coats! Not to mention the escalating temps and emerging vegetation from the earth.

Insects and other animals emerge from their winter hiding places in the spring. Unfortunately, these animals approach us from too close a distance and enter our homes. The pests that can invade your home this spring include termites, ants, bed bugs, and flies.

Miami County pest control professionals are ready for the onslaught of springtime pests, and we want to ensure that homeowners are as well. Each room in your home has a set of pest control recommendations from us.

Experts on Pest Control in Miami County Warn About Roofs

Roofs are one of the most important components of a home. Damaged roofs due to pests can be expensive and create an unsafe living environment for your family. Pests like termites, wasps and bees can make their way through a damaged roof. If you notice roof damage due to pests, it’s important to promptly make these fixes. Depending on the damage, some repairs we suggest doing are:

  • Repair damaged roof tiles.
  • Fill cracks with roofing cement.
  • Check the overhang of the roof and in between roof tiles for nests.

Experts on Pest Control in Miami County Warn About Air Vents

The design of air vents makes them simple to ignore. They blend in with houses so that you won’t notice they’re operating until after you’ve changed the thermostat. Installing mesh airbrick ventilation covers is an easy approach to preventing pest infestations in your air vents and ventilation systems.


Experts on Pest Control in Miami County Warn About Attics

Another area that homeowners frequently overlook maintaining is the attic. Your attic may turn into a breeding ground for pests like termites and hornets if it has exposed wood or cardboard boxes. Miami County pest control advises putting things in plastic containers and conducting crawl space inspections every two to three years to make sure your house infrastructure is secure in order to prevent any major bug problems.

Pest control in Miami County

Experts on Pest Control in Miami County Warn About Bedrooms

It’s a disturbing reality, but bugs can occasionally be found in beds. Many people believe that bed bugs are the only pests with which they need to be concerned, but flies, mosquitoes, and even ants can enter your bedroom. You can lessen the likelihood of a pest infestation by performing easy, daily actions like vacuuming frequently and keeping windows and doors closed. Other ideas Miami County pest control companies offer include:

  • Avoid placing furniture against the wall.
  • Check mattresses, bed frames, and beds for indications of bed bugs.
  • Limit the use of wooden furniture.

Experts on Pest Control in Miami County Warn About Windows

Windows are one of the most visible entry points for pests into your house. Fly screens or simply keeping your window closed during swarming seasons during the summer and fall will easily keep flying insects like mosquitoes, flies, wasps, a

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Experts on Pest Control in Miami County Warn About Kitchens

The kitchen is one room in your house that bugs like to frequent. Pests are tempted by food and food scraps and have no motive to leave your house as a result. Fortunately, there are daily tasks you can perform to keep your kitchen pest-free and spotless:

  • When full, throw away garbage cans.
  • In the summer, avoid leaving pet food out.
  • Food waste should be discarded from countertops and kitchen sinks.

Pest control in Miami County

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