A #1 Company for Pest Control in Miami County Discusses Ticks—This summer, you have been heading out to the ballpark, taking a walk in the woods, or just walking around the yard, and you feel something crawling. Look down, and you have them on your socks. Is it fleas? No! It’s ticks! The experts at Tri-County, a leading Miami County pest control company, know ticks are out in force this year. An uptick in ticks? Yes! It is not your imagination. They are everywhere. With warm weather on the rise, any company that specializes in pest control in Miami County knows those ticks love moisture and humidity.

Ticks are not only gross, but they also carry all kinds of diseases. If you go to ticktalk.org, you can find everything you need to know about removing ticks from your body to what diseases they carry.

Pest Control in Miami County –Tick Encounters

Across the country, tick encounters are commonplace. In fact, a recent survey among over 2,000 U.S. adults, commissioned by the NPMA and conducted online by The Harris Poll, found that nearly two-thirds of Americans (63%) have seen or removed a tick from themselves, someone else, or a pet. Get Tri-County to set up a plan to spray your yard and help combat the problem.



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Pest Control in Miami County–Ticks Not Your Average Pest

Ticks are not your average pest. That is why if you have an infestation in your yard, you need to call an exterminator who is an expert in pest control in Miami County. Ticks are not something you want to mess with. Some types of ticks carry Lyme Disease, which can be deadly or debilitating in some instances. Ticks are not partial; they will also attach to your pet, sometimes causing your furriest of friends to become ill also.

As these dangerous parasites continue to spread and infest all 50 states, so we urge you to take precautions in your yard and use bug spray on your body as well. Work on keeping your family safe and tick-free this summer.

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Pest Control in Miami County–Hire the Professionals

At Tri-County, a leader for Miami County pest control, we see all kinds of different infestations, and our first priority is keeping your family safe from any health concerns. If you suspect an infection, please call us right away. Infestation indications include seeing four or more ticks on you or your pets daily as you enter or exit the home. Another possible indication of an infestation is if you have 10-15 ticks on you at once. This may mean you walked through the nest on your property.

Whether the problem is outside or inside, the risk of infestation will always be there. We are in the month of August in Kansas, and it may become wet and humid. It is a breeding ground for these insects, so call Tri-County when the problem is out of your control.


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