There is really nothing more unsettling than seeing hundreds of flying bugs accumulating in one place, is there? In the spring, as crickets sing, another visitor makes an annual return. Termites. The terrifying swarms of termites that build colonies and seek out wood to infest.

No worries! These insects are not the ultimate death to your home from above. Our team at Tri-County has everything you need for termite treatment in Linn County. Read on to find out more about termite prevention in your home.

Termite Removal in Linn County

After the April rains, the better termite colonies send out their swarmers. Thousands of alate or winged adults will all leave a colony, and each of these is the potential new queen or king of a new colony. Swarming termites look terrifying. However, our team at Tri-County is one of the best when it comes to termite treatment in Linn County, and we want you to be informed. Just remember, these termites in the winged form are not capable of structural damage.

Alate termites are terrible at flying and shed their wings after just one flight. Many of the lookout termites don’t survive the journey, so be on the lookout for discarded wings. Swarms of termites are commonly seen outside, in yards, around wood. Swarmers in your yard mean that there is a nearby colony, but pose no threat to your home yet. Still, call for termite removal in Linn County if you notice termites in your yard.

Termites: Inside?

On the other hand, if you see swarms inside your home, they are too close. Call for termite treatment in Linn County right away, so things don’t get out of control quickly. Remember, termites can cause major damage to your home very quickly.

“Each year, termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage, which is more like $6.8 billion when you adjust for current inflation. These heavy costs are not typically covered by homeowners’ insurance policies and instead come right out of the property owner’s pocket,” 
– Cindy Mannes, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs for National Pest Management Association

Remember, termites don’t just eat wood; termites are consumers. They will eat lots of things from shoes to towels to other household items, so get a Linn County pest control service like Tri-County to come to your home. We’ll get rid of those nasty flying insects that are inside your home.

Termite Treatment in Linn County

What else could it be?

Ants. So, it could be ants. Winged ants and termites look very similar, and you might need ant control and treatment in Linn County instead. Alate termites look just like winged ants to the untrained eye. That’s why you need the experts at Tri-County Termite and Pest Control to come take a look, especially if you have the “perfect swarm” this spring.


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