Ants are always on the lookout for food and water, like any other insect. Small amounts of food, even pet food, can attract hordes of ants to your home. Our team at Tri-County specializes in ant treatment in Linn County and we’re here to help when the insects are in nesting mode. You can tell ants are nesting if you notice wood-like shavings (similar to sawdust) beneath baseboards, door jams, and windowsills.

Ant control and treatment in Linn County is the perfect solution to stop those naughty nesters in their tracks. We can stop an infestation at its source because our team at Tri-County knows best. If you hear rustling noises coming from inside your walls you may need to schedule Linn County pest control services right away before the issue gets worse.

Ant Infestation is No Picnic in Kansas

Tri-County is a leader in Linn County pest control and is here to rescue you from these pesky critters. Ants are no joke, there are over 13,000 species and about 10 billion on Earth at any given moment. Common household infestations include soil, wood, and opportunistic nesters. Tri-County is here to save the day by providing the best ant removal in Linn County. Our experts will be sure to stop the infestation at its source.

Tri-County pest removal experts will quickly diagnose the problem areas at your home and devise a plan. With environmentally friendly options we are sure to keep you safe in the process, while ridding your home of the pesky picknickers.


Linn County Pest Control

Ant Control and Treatment in Linn County

Ants can be difficult to do away with because neighboring yards hold satellite colonies, but our Tri-County specialists are here to help. We will treat your problem areas and have your picnics and kitchens free of any tiny crawlers. Our work is 100% guaranteed for all our pest control services, including ant control and treatment in Linn County.

What if They Come Back?

If the ants show up in your home or wherever the problem may be within 30 days, one of our experts will be back to take care of them. We stand behind our service commitments, which is why many consider Tri-County the leaders for pest control in Linn County.

Here are a few helpful tips to keep ants out of your home.

  • Seal cracks and holes in walls and windows with caulk
  • Line surfaces with anti-ant substances like salt or powders
  • Line your surfaces with adhesive tape
  • Use non-toxic environmentally safe deterrents
  • Empty trash frequently
  • Stack firewood far from the house

Linn County Pest Control

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