So, you are getting ready to buy a house, and you have decided on a realtor, and you think you are all ready to go. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you call Tri-County for pest control in Miami county. If the previous homeowners had lots of unwanted guests with wings, antennae, and beady eyes, you need to know.

The problem is that signs of an infestation or termites can make you vulnerable to pests. Also, other issues such as wood rot and moistures and are not identifiable to the untrained eye. That is why buyers and lenders often request pest control services, like termite removal in Miami county, before closing. You are not in the clear just because you don’t see bugs or mice crawling around.

Take it straight from a leader in pest control in Miami County, we have seen it all. Termites, scorpions, rats, you name it. Get a realty estate WDI Inspection because we believe it is essential when making an important financial decision. A WDI inspection is a reflection on the home you are about to purchase, and we take pride in termite removal in Miami County if necessary.

How Does a Pest Inspection Differ from a Home Inspection? 

Once a home goes under contract, the offer you sign is contingent on the results of a home inspection.

Home inspectors will look for hazards, safety threats, and significant debts, of course. They are somewhat limited on what they put in their reports about pests; they often raise red flags about wood rot and moisture, and then recommend a specialist take a closer look.

A Miami County termite removal specialist could come in, but that is performed by a licensed pest inspector who looks for signs of infestations specifically for real estate transactions. The problem is that this is not enough.

Some home inspection companies will bundle their pest inspection services with their home inspections for an additional $75 to $100. Home inspectors are not equipped to exterminate the problem, a professional exterminator will be required.


Do You Need a Pest Inspection Before Closing?

A pest inspection is not a requirement; termite inspections usually are done by mortgage companies. It is best to get a comprehensive evaluation of any home you are about to purchase by a company that has been in the business a long time. Remember, real estate agents and closers are selling houses; hire a separate comprehensive inspection beyond the need for termite removal in Miami County.

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