Companies that specialize in pest control in Linn County know that we are in the heat of summertime. It brings a lot of uninvited guests everywhere we go, and mosquitos are the number one guest. There are lots of species around the area. These tiny creatures leave us with red, swollen, and terrible bites. It is essential to call Tri-County, a Linn County pest control service, before insects create havoc in your everyday life.

In the summer, everybody tends to spend lots of time outdoors, and mosquitos come out in droves to join you. Tri-County is a leader for pest control in Linn county, and we wants you to enjoy your space without the nuisance of these pests. However, sometimes this isn’t always easy. Two main factors are responsible for increased insect population:

  • Increased precipitation across the United States
  • Concern over disease spread

Dealing with mosquitos becomes more challenging in the summer. The warm weather keeps the creatures alive longer, and excessive moisture keeps them breeding constantly.

Pest Control in Linn County

Signs of an Infestation

At Tri-County, a premier Linn County pest control company, we want you to be on the lookout for signs of an infestation. Mosquitoes can carry nasty diseases like Dengue, Malaria, and Chikungunya. With mosquito-borne illnesses, you need to make sure there is not an infestation near your home.

Here are some signs that your house is infested with mosquitos:

  • Bite marks on your skin
  • Stagnant water in or around your home
  • Contaminated food
  • Sounds of scratching at night

If you have these things in and around your home, they are magnets for an infestation, and you may need Linn county pest control services to come and treat your home for an infestation. If your family has multiple bites to the point that it keeps them up at night, it may give your family peace of mind to have a treatment done.

Tips and Tricks to Control Mosquito Infestation

Lots of times, homeowners assume that they can control an infestation themselves. It is possible to do so, but it takes a lot to do it, and it is a bit taxing initially. Follow these three steps:

  • Deep clean your home.
  • Pick a suitable mosquito repellant that contains citronella or tea tree oil.
  • Timely inspection and identification of the type of problem.

Whether the problem is outside or inside, the risk of infestation will always be there. We are in the month of July in Kansas, and it is humid and wet. It is a breeding ground for these insects. Call Tri-County Pest Control when you are ready to get the problem under control.

PPest Control in Linn County


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