As one of the top Linn County pest control companies, our team at Tri-County has seen our fair share of spiders. Although all spiders can pose some problems, some species can be more dangerous than others. One particularly to be aware of is the brown recluse spider.

Brown recluse spiders can be problematic. Fortunately, when you work with a dependable company like Tri-County, we will provide the best possible spider control in Linn County to keep you safe. Here are some important things to know about brown recluse spiders.


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Identifying a Brown Recluse

There are some distinctive characteristics that set brown recluse spiders apart from other species. They can range from tan to dark brown in color and can grow to be as long as 2 inches. They are very common in the state of Kansas and like to keep a low profile to protect themselves.

Linn County spider control experts know that brown recluses tend to hide behind boards, lumber, or other areas that are often neglected. They tend to do most of their activity at night since they prefer being in a dark environment.

When are Brown Recluse Spiders Active?

Although you may see an occasional brown recluse spider in the Fall or Winter months, they are typically active from March through October. If you are considering professional treatments for spider control in Linn County, it may not be effective in the Winter. We recommend waiting until Spring when brown recluses are more easily seen.

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Are Brown Recluse Bites Harmful?

Brown recluse spiders are considered venomous according to Linn County pest control experts, but many of their bites go undetected. Smaller bites often result in pimple-like swelling before the skin returns to normal a few days later.

In more severe cases, people have experienced wounds filled with blood and pus, which take much longer to heal. They are also at risk of a secondary infection. If you have been bitten by a spider recently and begin to show these symptoms, contact a medical professional to receive treatment.


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How to Get Rid of Brown Recluse Spiders

The best solution for spider prevention is to schedule regular treatments with Tri-County, your trusted source for pest control in Linn County. We can apply the most effective treatments to get rid of brown recluse spiders and many other annoying pests.

If you need a simpler solution that you can do on your own, sticky traps are available at nearly all hardware stores. Although they wonโ€™t be as effective as professional treatments, sticky traps can help identify problematic areas in your home.

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