Linn County Pest Control Experts Explain Why Winged Ants Show Up in the Fall —Every year, they show up around Labor Day. Linn County pest control experts are all on high alert as flying ants begin appearing all over the place in huge drives. Why are they all over the Midwest? You may even remember when everyone was talking about “flying ant day in 2017 when swarms appeared mysteriously in Detroit and then seemed to vanish without a trace.

What are these winged ants anyway? Well, Linn County pest control professionals are here to tell you everything you need to know. What are they? Are they going to infest your home? Here is everything you need to know.

How Do Linn County Pest Control Experts Describe Flying Ants?

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Flying ants are reproductive swarmers. They are a verity of yard ants, and yard ants are related to carpenter ants. They nest in the ground instead of chewing through wood. Swarmers are around ¼ to ⅜” long, look reddish brown, and have a hump between their heads and thoraxes. They look like normal ants in every way, except that they have wings. Swarmer wings are clear and translucent. They fold behind the ants’ backs when the ants aren’t flying.

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Why are they here, according to Linn County Pest Control?

They are just here to mate. Nothing to see here folks. lates spend most of spring and summer inside their ant colonies, where they’re fed by workers. In late summer and under the right conditions, they fly out of the nest to seek mates. Although late summer reproduction is most common in Kansas, other ant species may swarm at other times of year. Some flying ants swarm in spring, fall, or even mid-summer.

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What are they doing exactly, according to Linn County Pest Control?

They are just looking for mates, is all. Flying ant day is just to find their princesses. That’s it. The fertilized female will fly to the ground and begin making a new nest. Soon after, she will lose her wings and begin laying eggs. The first of these eggs will hatch into workers, who will lay the foundations for a new colony.

Are they dangerous?

Nope, they are just gross, and there is a lot of them. Even though there is a lot of them, if you see them, just wait them out; they will likely be gone in one day.

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