Your Number 1 Source for Pest Control in Linn County, Tri-County Takes a New Approach—The seasons change from warm to cool, and the bugs feel it coming long before we do. Our Linn County pest control experts are here to tell you that those insects start preparing for the change long before humans even feel the shift. Animals also prepare; they are beginning to grow their winter coats.


Tri-County is your source for all your pest control needs in Linn County. Whether you need a single treatment or would like to schedule recurring services, our team of pest control experts will get the job done. Check out our service map below to see if we can help protect your home.


So, what are the insects doing? What are they looking for? A place to live. As a leader for pest control in Linn County, we are here to tell you sometimes that place is in the walls of your Linn County home.


A rat or a roach? Call your friendly pest control company in Linn County.


New Living Quarters

Our experts on pest control in Linn County know that pests have an unbelievable ability to stay alive. Cockroaches in particular have lasted since prehistoric times. Linn County pest control can help you address any issues that in our home using our methods.


Pests are for suckers. Your family deserves better.

 Call us for bed bug treatment in Linn County so your family sleeps without any worries.

Pest Control in Linn County

Remember those pests are looking for water and food. That is how a pest survives. For example, mice, spiders and cockroaches are looking for just one thing, a crack, hole or slight imperfection that allows them to get inside the wall.

Approaching the Issue With Pest Control in Linn County

  • Cleanliness:this is removing anything that might attract pests. This includes standing water, and filling holes and gaps.
  • Structure: the use of traps and the physical removal of any pests on the premises that Linn County pest control experts can find.
  • Chemicals:the final and biggest victory. Using our eco-friendly chemicals, we will spray for pests on the premises.

The invasion of unwanted insects in your home, has nothing to do with you being unclean. Depending on your needs, Linn County pest control professionals are here to help in any way we can. As those insects migrate into your home, we are here to eliminate those unwanted guests this fall.


Choose Tri-County Termite and Pest Control Services

Tri-County Termite & Pest Control offers a variety of services in the Miami and Linn County areas. If you have a problem this fall, we’re coming to fix it! We are one of the area’s most trusted sources for pest control and will make sure that your insect and rodent troubles are a thing of the past.

Pest Control in Linn County

20 Years Protecting Our Customers in Linn and Miami County

At Tri-County, we treat our customers like family. We pride ourselves on being up-front with our customers from the start. We won’t sell you more than you need and provide quality services to rid your home of pests. We schedule our routes with our customers in mind. We strive to provide the smallest possible wait times and show up on time to our appointments. We aim to arrive on time, every time.


Pest Control in Linn County

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It’s our goal to achieve the highest possible level of control while being as environmentally friendly as possible. We use only the necessary amount of pesticide and offer a “green” pest control service with environmentally friendly pesticides on anything from spider removal in Linn County to Linn County bed bug removal! The services are so environmentally friendly; the EPA doesn’t consider them pesticides.