22 species of Cicada Killers and Our Miami County Pest Control Pros Will Help you Eliminate Them All–In Miami county, Kansas we really don’t have all 22 species of cicadas here. However, if we did, our Miami county pest control gurus would have the answer to eliminating your issue. The word killer sound intimidating. In fact, you probably think as soon as you hear it that it means that these insects are aggressive or dangerous.

There are a lot of animals that have “killer” in front of their title, including whales and bees. Killer bees are a hybrid species of honeybees created in Brazil that ended up going rogue and threatening the calmer honeybee population. Pest control in Miami county wants to help answer the question, “are cicada killers really dangerous”?

Miami County Pest Control: Dangerous Cicada Killers or Not?

The answer is astounding no. Cicada killers are not dangerous to humans. However, they can be a big annoyance on your property. While some species of wasps are after your open soda cans and picnic meats, cicada killers are only looking for the insect they are named after, cicadas.

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Cicada killers are like honeybees in that they will not attack unless threatened. Pest control in Miami county assures us that stings hurt no worse than a honeybee but people who are allergic will of course have a stronger reaction. Cicada killers are very beneficial to have on your property; they feed on plants damaging cicadas.

The only time you run into an issue is when they build large nests in front of your property. Call our experts on pest control in Miami county if this happens to you.

How do you identify a cicada killer, according to Miami county pest control pros?

  • 2-3 inches in length
  • Females larger than males
  • Black in color with yellow markings
  • Legs are bright orange
  • Transparent Wings

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Can you get rid of cicada killers with the help of Miami county pest control?

The only reason you would have an infestation or large nest is that they have discovered a great place to feed on cicadas. That makes these killers impossible to prevent. The only fighter would be to have a treatment from pest control in Miami county.

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